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The Playstation Vita is ALMOST perfect now.

April 24, 2014

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. The console that is ripped on most consistently (second only to the Wii U and that’s only because people have heard of the Wii U) has recently been updated and it’s glorious. Almost every negative thing about the console has been fixed in terms of functionality and you should get one if you ever want to play great games while away from a console.
I picked up my original Vita last year and fell in like almost instantly. I spoke about it last year in a few blogs but there were always a few things that got in the way of giving it a glowing review.
1. It felt too heavy.
This could be taken as a sign of a quality build which it was. However it could become difficult to hold after long sessions of play.
The slim version of the Vita is lighter due to using plastic instead of metal yet holds onto the build quality of the original.

2. The rear touch screen was too wide.
As a normal sized guy, I would end up touching the back screen too often during games, causing incorrect button inputs and messing up whatever perfect run of excellent gaming I was attempting at the time.
The slim version has made the finger grips bigger and the touch screen smaller while still being big enough for a player to pick out specific sections at will.
3. The start and select buttons were inset and too small.
Sounds like a tiny thing but just think about how many times you use these buttons in your gaming. Now times that amount by the frustration you would feel by not being able to hit those buttons on a consistent basis.
They’ve beefed up the buttons and my stress levels have reduced.
4. Remote play did not work.
A couple of games could be played using remote play from the PS3 but it was never a game changer. I literally got it to work once, thought it was kinda cool and never used it again.
Remote play works with every game you can play on the PS4 and it’s actually worth using. Being able to carry on playing ‘Don’t Starve’ from my PS4 while my wife watches Tangled again for the 745th time, is a revelation.
5. The battery life wasn’t great.
The OLED screen sucked the battery clean in just over 2 hours during my time and for a mobile gaming device that isn’t ideal.
The Slim version has an LCD screen that, unless you placed it next to the original, looks fantastic still. Your games will still look great and the 4-5 hours of game time should last most commutes. Turn it onto airplane mode to get another couple of hours out of it should you be travelling cross country/countries.
6. The Vita needs more games.
Only joking. If you think the Vita doesn’t have games then you’re flat wrong. You only have to look at the free games you could have received with a PS+ membership (42 since Nov 2012). This isn’t counting the hundreds more you can buy separately if you hate getting a good deal and have too much money in your Scrooge McDuck bank vault.

7. The memory cards are the most overpriced piece of video game accessory in the history of the genre.
I said it was almost perfect and this remains the lone problem. You can buy each game on a cartridge but if you want to take advantage of PS+ you need a memory card. Not only are they always running out on Amazon and in physical shops, a 64gig card costs £85. A 64 gig micro sd costs £32. LESS THAN HALF. Sony are bad guys for doing this. The fact that the Vita isn’t that popular saves them from the daily thrashing they should be receiving for stealing money from their customers. This is the reason I laugh at people saying Sony have saved gaming and that they are the good guys now and Microsoft are the money grabbers. It’s also the one reason I wouldn’t drag you to a shop to make you buy a Vita right now as it makes me so angry that Sony are getting away with this. A new product should always have as few barriers for entry as possible to appeal to as wider an audience as possible. Sony for some reason hold on to this massive negative which not only puts off potential buyers but forces people like me who LOVE the Vita to tell people to stay away.

That got ranty all of a sudden. Anyway the Vita is still great despite the memory cards, just be prepared to get filled with rage whenever you fill up your monumentally expensive memory card with amazingly priced games.

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  1. You have the monopoly on useful inmitfaroon-aren’t monopolies illegal? 😉

    • I’m going to assume that was meant to say information and take it as a compliment.
      If not I have no idea what you are saying, but still thank you for reading.

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