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Gaming confessional.

January 22, 2014

Every gamer has a few sins that they need to admit and deal with. Some are worse than others but I thought I would start the process by admitting my crimes before you get involved and discuss your own.

I have never completed or even owned a Zelda game.
One of my friends had Zelda: A link to the past for their Super Nintendo and I watched them play it for an hour of so during a stay at his house when I was about 11. I helped with the puzzle solving and joined in the discussion as the game played out in front of me. It was the first time I’d seen a Zelda game in real life and I couldn’t have cared less about it or any that have come since.
I’m not interested in fantasy based fiction in general (Lord of the rings also has no pull) so Zelda games are at a disadvantage with me. The only reason why I feel bad about this decision is that I feel a phony when talking about games due to my complete ignorance of one of its most well loved series.

I completed my first Pokemon game after my 19th Birthday
My sister had been playing the Pokemon games since the start but while I had a Gameboy, I had moved over to PC games by the time the series took off. That is until one spring when it took hold of me and both helped me through the break up of my first relationship by giving me a distraction and hindered my revision towards my college exams because of it’s addictive quality.
I thought nothing of looking after my team of fictional creatures, aimed squarely at those almost a decade younger than me, for hours on end. I did realise how embarrassing it was however as I never mentioned that the game I was currently playing stared a yellow, electric rodent.

I played Street fighter using only fierce punch for months.
Street Fighter is my favorite gaming series and this fascination started off poorly thanks to my lack of coordination. I would go to arcades a lot when I was a kid because I was able to as they still existed back then. Occasionally I would see Street Fighter two and be mesmerized by the graphics and the simplicity of it and the Dragon punches. Those Dragon punches were and still are the coolest thing a human character could do in a video game. To this day I would give up many, many limbs to be able to perform a leaping uppercut to a bad guy’s mouth while people stopped and watched in awe.
I got the game with my SNES one Christmas and tried to perform the move only to find that the forward, down, diagonally down and a punch button combination too complicated for my 10 year old hands. With practice I was able to pull it off with some consistency as long as I used the light or medium strength but that didn’t cut it.

And he broke the BOX!!

And he broke the BOX!!

I wanted the full Dragon punch but due to the SNES controllers design I could only achieve this by placing my right hand over my left hand to press the hard punch button, my left thumb controlling the dpad.
Yes I was only able to perform heavy punch attacks which left me with hardly any mix up options but when Vega took a full force dragon punch to the face, it was worth it.

Guitar Hero 3 was one of the reasons my wife and I got married.
I had picked up Guitar Hero 3 during the January sales once I realised that I could use my house mates Xbox 360 to actually play games on. I hadn’t really played games for a couple of years beforehand, other than WWE games occasionally or Pro Evo when friends came over. Guitar Hero 3 pulled me back into games hard and I haven’t looked back. This led to a discussion at a meeting I was taking part in with my then friend and her flat mate about this guitar playing game I’d just picked up.
Of course it sounded so awesome that they wanted to come around and try it out and they played through a small selection of songs and loved it. So much was their enjoyment that they got together and bought it for themselves and from that point on we would play Guitar Hero all the time. This led to us spending more time with each other and eventually getting married.
We probably would have reached that point any way, Guitar Hero 3 sped up that process massively.

Probably the most racist game ever made however.

Probably the most racist game ever made however.

My favorite Nintendo gaming franchise is Super Punch Out
I don’t think that any one game can help the Wii U at the moment. It’s got no momentum and if a Mario Game can be outshone by a below average PS4 launch title then something other than games is needed to make the Wii U a success. The one thing that would make ME buy a Wii U however is most definitely a new Super Punch Out game. No one else will buy it as it’s a simple pattern recognising, puzzle game with a boxing skin put over the top of it and that’s not enough for most people. I would be instantly transported back to playing the original on my friends NES and thinking it was the hardest game in the world but still loving every second.

So that’s some of my gaming sins. Let me know yours and I’ll try to not judge.

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  1. jonny permalink

    I love viva piñata. Like, really fucking love it.
    Im sorry but i have to say I am so, so dissapointed you have never played Zelda. Especially ocarina of time. That has to be the game that changed my life, it absolutely left me in awe when i first played it and it still does now.

    • I never had a go on Viva Pinata. I watched a video on Rooster teeth where they said the same thing about it being amazing. I never would have thought it going by the look of the game.
      I don’t know what it is about Zelda which causes no emotion in me at all. Maybe one day I’ll be forced to play it and love it.

      Thanks for reading

  2. The Zelda one is just criminal. I’m not a fantasy fan either – don’t like Lord of the Rings or any of that stuff, but that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the games that have provided inspiration for pretty much every adventure game made since.

    I have to say though I really like your Guitar Hero story, it’s really sweet. My “confession” is along somewhat similar lines – basically I’m quite shy about my gaming habit and it took a long time before I felt comfortable talking to my partner about it. Now we play games all the time and it’s alright but it never used to be that way.

    My partner wrote a blog post about it a while back, I hope you don’t mind me linking to it here.

    Anyway I enjoyed your post, everyone has a few dirty secrets when it comes to gaming. Another one for me, I don’t know how unusual this is but I’ve never seen a 3DS. I’ve seen one once in a display cabinet for sale, but I’ve never seen someone playing one or held one myself. So I have no idea what the 3D effect is like even though I’m curious about it.

    • I don’t mind the link at all. Thanks for commenting.
      I do think that gaming as a couple will become a lot more common in the future as gamers grow up and take on influential roles in the community.
      I actually found recently that my Guitar Hero 3 save file and achievements were on another save file which has given me an excellent excuse to play through it with my wife again.
      I’ve only seen a display version of a 3DS in person. It was alright. I think most people play it with the 3D turned off.

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