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Dead Rising 3

December 20, 2013

My first new generation game ever happens to be my first Dead Rising game ever as I put all my hopes in it’s ability to validate my launch day purchase of this new console. I’m very happy to say that not only am I definitely happy with my launch day purchase, but also that Dead Rising 3 is one of my favourite games of the year.
Dead Rising and its sequel were both interesting to me when they were released on the Xbox 360 but they were both pushed aside by other games taking up my life at the time. After reading reviews, that sounds like a good thing thanks to difficult controls, frustrating game play quirks and uneven story telling.

When the launch line up was announced I gravitated towards Dead Rising like a Zombie towards a fresh brain, having missed my opportunity with the previous titles and loving the open world design and insane amount of zombies on screen at any one time. Ryse and Forza both looked impressive but held less on an appeal and I wanted to play an exclusive with my console before trying a multi platform version. Thhe E3 demo was shown off and I didn’t believe that we would see that amount of active zombies on screen at the same time. Having played through the game, it still shocks me how many zombies are attacking you at once and how they’re grouped. You will find sections that have less zombies than others but when you find yourself in the middle of a group and the soundtrack ramps up to build the tension it can quickly feel over whelming.

Kind of underplays the amount you fight.

Kind of underplays the amount you fight.

In your favour you will have hundreds of weapons and dozens of combo weapons in order to slice, shoot and stamp through thousands and thousands of the walking dead. The combo weapon system, different from the previous entries in that you can create your weapon anywhere as long as you have picked up the blue print, was the most addicting part of Dead Rising 3. It made me hunt down every single little blue cog icon I could just to see what a remote control helicopter, machete, assault rifle and grenade would look like. Or maybe what a cuddly bear, LMG rifle, grenade and hi-fi looked when stitched together.

It looks a little like this

It looks a little like this

The collectables in this game are almost perfect. They actually improve the game play while giving you something to hunt down. As well as the blueprints you’re also tasked with finding statues that can test your platforming skills to a limited degree and “tragic endings”, small scene’s of dead people who have passed away on depressing ways. The tragic endings could have been a lot better and actually said a lot more about the character and what happened in the days leading up to the game. As they are they’re fine but just a missed opportunity.  You’re also given challenge awards throughout the game that ask you to kill a certain amount of zombies in a set time. You’re going to be killing zombies anyway, may as well handicap yourself slightly and get some extra xp. There is just the right amount of collectibles to not be over whelming, while being varied enough to be worth it.
dead rising 33
The story is alright I’m not going to make it out to be more than it is. We do get to see some character evolution from our main protagonist Nick who starts out as a bit of a wimp when confronted with something that isn’t the living dead. You are given some different dialogue lines from Nick when confronted with massive hoards of zombies towards the end of the game to show how he’s developed. However it’s a little much at the beginning of the game to expect us to believe Nick is scared of these zombies just before jumping in the middle of 100 of them and happily slice them into bits. The rest of the characters do the job intended but the story is there to force you around this world and complete tasks but it does it in an entertaining way. There are even some nice twists along the way to keep things interesting in the third act.
The optional missions are varied and the phycho’s are over the top which keeps the tone lighter than some people were expecting. They are based around the seven deadly sins which will help you imagine how they’ll play out.
I took on a couple of the psycho’s with some of the crew I’d established from saving people in the optional missions. It makes the bosses much easier to deal with, especially if you kit them all out with better weapons or guns.
Thinking back it’s very difficult to describe just how much fun this game is considering all the individual bits aren’t all amazing. The sum is much greater than the parts however and it’s very therapeutic to build up a combo of over 300 kills in a row as you rack up your experience points.
dead rising 32
From all the exclusive launch games for both consoles this is in my opinion the best. It’s not the most graphically impressive but It does show you what this new console can do considering the amount on your screen at any one point with hardly any slow down of pop in. You’ll even run into weapons and vehicles you’ve dropped an hour earlier when you retrace your steps. There is a feeling of isolation as you’re running around the city. You do run into people but they feel less alive than the zombies strangely. Again it’s a minor niggle but there’s a big possibility that it’s designed that way.

In conclusion you should buy it if you have an Xbox One. Dress up like a gimp and use your dildo gun to plough through zombie’s like there’s no tomorrow. In the game obviously otherwise the zombie dressing up convention near you might become awkward.

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