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How to save the Wii U

December 18, 2013

I was going to call this “How to save Nintendo” but Nintendo doesn’t need saving. Nintendo are the longest running producers of gaming software and hardware and are in a good position overall thanks to the DS nearing total world coverage. This is not to say that the Wii U isn’t close to becoming irrelevant as two new consoles are released and immediately over shadow Nintendo’s year old contender both in spectacle and sales.

The Super Nintendo was my first ever console. I had Gameboy’s and loved every Nintendo console I spent time with. The Wii was fun until I got bored with Wii Sports and then it got ignored for the two other consoles, much like it is now. The only problem is, this time thousands of granny’s and parents aren’t buying a Wii U and allowing it to collect dust despite its much superior library of games. I’ve thought of a few ways to make the Wii U attractive to people who are turned off currently (Me) when they (Me) are exactly the people needed to make the console succeed.



Some people really don’t care for achievements or trophies. “The game should be enough for a gamer without meaningless points” they say behind their smug expression. “Indie games don’t come with achievements and that’s all I play” they explain in between taking sips of home made ale crafted from the exact recipes used in the 1400’s through their ironic mustache. I’m saying they’re hipsters.
I love achievements. I think they give a genuine reason to play a game differently from the norm and see parts of the game you’d otherwise miss. I like that I have a running score in both my XBL and PSN accounts that tells a tale of my gaming history. Adding this to Nintendo consoles would encourage a large proportion of ignored gamers to buy in so that Zelda trophies can be accumulated and you have a reason to play through the new Super Mario 3D World game again only playing as Luigi.
Increased capacity.

32 Gigs of memory is laughable. It makes me actually laugh out loud (But never LOL) and is the main reason that I have problems with calling the Wii U part of this new generation of consoles. 32 Gigs would not take the 48 Gigs of COD Ghosts on the new consoles. There is no way you could fit digital copies of more than one game of your console for quick switching. I know it would make the console more expensive but if the Xbox One and PS4 launches say anything, it’s that gamers are willing to pay for something they think is worth it.
Release your entire back catalogue.

Why the hell, when you have the best catalogue of games in the business, would you not make them available to buy? Why? Why why why why why? People would buy them in the thousands and considering their tiny file size, take up hardly any server space. Keeping all of these games hostage is foolish and just plain mean. Include the Sega back catalogue and release a first console wars pack. Release and promote the previous Mario Kart games as promotion for the new versions. Otherwise people will just carry on downloading roms for free from the internet and play them anyway with you not making anything from it.
Nintendo +
I stand by my assertion that Playstation + is the best value thing in gaming and possibly the world. It alone makes the Vita viable as a console and gives the PS4 a clear advantage.
Imagine, if you will, a yearly subscription of £40 or even £60 a year to get two games on your Wii U and two games on your DS of choice a month. Maybe even a classic game of two every so often. The producers get to advertise a game that may have been ignored by consumers and have a chance to flog their DLC that those customers are more likely to buy considering they got the game for free. It’s such a good idea that Microsoft are now doing it in markets that they were winning when they really didn’t need to. The Wii U isn’t winning in any market and a subscription service like this would convince me to up my console tally to three in a heartbeat.

There is a Nintendo direct coming up in the next couple of days so I really hope that they have realised that their newest console needs something to make it more appealing. Mario didn’t work and was outsold soundly by Knack, Donkey Kong definitely wont work because no one really cares, Smash Brothers will work for a minority but that isn’t enough. By the time Mario Kart comes out there wont be enough consoles in homes to make it a success even if every console owner buys it. Actions needs to be taken and I genuinely think the suggestions above would convince many to adopt this current king of new generation consoles before it finds itself dethroned in a public and bloody fashion.
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