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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea.

December 4, 2013

Well this has been panned in all circles since its release in the week prior to the PS4 releasing in North America. A release date so poorly chosen as to simultaneously nullify all the excitement built up by one of the biggest and best games of the previous generation and be ignored by everyone else due to their excitement over next gen. I’m a huge Bioshock fan and I didn’t get around to download and play it until a week later cause my excitement was taken up elsewhere.

I’d heard that one of the major downfalls of this DLC was that it was so short. In my position of having so many games in my back catalogue that I would have to ignore all human contact for month while taking all sustenance through an intravenous tube and also wanting to play this as soon as possible, that sounded like the best downfall of them all. The question of game length is a bizarre one considering how nebulous the concept of game-length-as-value has become. Two of the highest rated and best received games of the last generation of consoles take up 2-3 hours (Limbo and Journey). The length of both games is mentioned in their reviews but only as a small negative and never to the point that the review will be impacted so heavily as has been the case with Burial at sea. I’m not saying that any of the reviews are wrong, people’s opinions are part of their personality and they have years of experience in game reviews and I blog occasionally for fun. I just wonder why length is a deal breaker for game A, but a hindrance in game B.

"I wish this feeling of despair could last for 8 hours" Said no one ever.

“I wish this feeling of despair could last for 8 hours” Said no one ever.

I did finish Burial at sea in about three and a half hours. I didn’t time it so I can’t be sure. I also try to explore everywhere I can in search of all of the audio logs (I missed one!!) and I can also tell you that I enjoyed this episode hugely. It is short but tightly controlled in what it wants you to experience before wrapping it’s story in a self contained bow. It feels like one level of the original Bioshock and that isn’t a bad thing.
Seeing Rapture before the fall is interesting but not as mind blowing as it sounded when first announced. I would love to see a game or even a film looking into the politics more closely, maybe written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Baz Luhrman and starring Bryan Cranston as Andrew Ryan. Dear lord that sounds like the best idea I’ve ever had. Seriously someone make that film.

" A man chooses. A slave obeys" Goosebumps would be felt.

” A man chooses. A slave obeys” Goosebumps would be felt.

Bioshock has created a world in which anything can happen thanks to the multi-verse direction of the Infinite ending. Elizabeth being the focal point currently, appointing herself as a time line correcting superhero. I am still interested in the direction of the next game, but cautiously so at present as the series could easily disappear so far up its own bum that only an Elizabeth created tear could bring it back out again.
I bought the season pass as soon as I got the original game so downloading the episode was a no brainer. £20 for three pieces of DLC is not expensive in my opinion. £15 for this episode alone is asking too much and I’m assuming is designed to push people to pay the extra £5 for the other two DLC’s. I haven’t got a problem with that, the DLC’s so far haven’t felt like they should have been added to the original game in the first place so Irrational can have my £20.
I think Minerva’s den from Bioshock 2 is superior in this battle of Bioshock DLC stories but Burial at Sea is still worth your time, as long as you buy the season pass first.
I’m off to start a campaign to get this Bioshock film made.

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