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The choice of a new Generation

November 26, 2013
Shame it tasted like Pepsi

Shame it tasted like Pepsi

You know what stops someone from writing about video games? Playing video games. The time I ended up putting into playing the single and multi player versions of GTA V threw me out of my rhythm enough that by the time I had moved into another house that the thought of writing again felt like I was starting from scratch. Not to say that I’ve not had many thoughts about the tension building every day in the lead up to the next gen console releases or my attitude towards the consoles as the first reviews were published or whether the first editions of the console and it’s games really matter.
While my writing may have slowed, my habit of reading every possible story has increased ten fold. Watching the fanboyism grow to ridiculous levels. The line between troll and actual commenter has all but disappeared as any news both positive and negative is met with absolute hate from the rival group. There was a story last week in which Microsoft tweeted a congratulatory message to Sony on the launch of their system. It was worded in such a way that no insult could be meant, however people still accused Microsoft of playing dirty or doing something wrong. They couldn’t work out WHAT they had done wrong, but they had done something. It is really getting depressing now as people decide who will win the next console war basing their decision on nothing. Some will claim that they’ve played all of the systems and games and are completely unbiased. I don’t doubt that some lucky relatives of engineers and devs will have played some of the games. The fact that dozens have appeared in countless message boards makes me a little suspicious.

The reaction as PS4 reviews started to appear showed just how bad it was getting. The high pitch gleeful noise you could hear was Xbox fans everywhere screaming with joy as Knack reviews showed that it was not a leap forward. It was just ok and the same was true with Killzone. PS4 fans jumped to the defense of their system while promising that the Xbone reviews would be worse and that the PS4 will still triumph due to reasons.
I can’t pretend that the cancellations of various games and the reviews of the launch line up didn’t diminish my excitement for the PS4. At one point I almost canceled my pre order before slapping myself with the truth that not only will I miss out on the chance to experience this new generation first hand, but I’ll also be able to criticize both systems equally. Also PS+ is starting up straight away with the PS4 so every month I’ll be able to download new games on every internet enabled Sony machine for no extra cost.

If Kristen Bell really was the model of an obsessive then people would be ok with it

If Kristen Bell really was the model of an obsessive then people would be ok with it

I’m buying both systems at launch and at no point have I thought that any launch games will be outstanding. I’m willing to predict that we won’t see a masterpiece on either system for over a year. I’m excited for Titanfall but I’m not convinced. The 360 and PS3 have only just hit their stride. The last year has seen an amazing range of high scores. We might not see games as good for five years or so.
The biggest indicator of this for me is that in this crazy week in which we’ve seen dozens of games released, The two highest rated games have been for the Wii U and the Vita. Currently the two consoles that are the easiest targets for abuse. Obviously once I get my hands on both machines and spend some time with them I might change my mind and pledge allegiance to the Bots or Ponies.
Small side note. X-Bot is a really cool nickname that it supposed to be insulting. Sony Pony is slightly worse but not by much. I’m seriously considering getting a tattoo artist to come up with a picture of a giant mutant horse in Sony colours fighting a giant Microsoft branded robot to represent the duality of my console preferences.

So this is me starting up again. Join me next time for more potential tattoo ideas that my wife would hate and the occasional opinion on video games.

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