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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

September 13, 2013

Sometimes your brain doesn’t want to start something big. Maybe work or life has brought about stresses that are occupying more of your brain then you can afford and taking up the remaining space with plots, character personalities and new ways to play a game is down right irresponsible.
blood dragon1
This is why I decided to play through Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and it may be one of the best decisions that I’ve made when it comes to playing games.
I was born in 1982. Maybe too young to watch all the 80’s action films when they came out but I spent a good amount of time catching up once I saw Rocky, Predator and RoboCop etc. If you haven’t watched any 80’s films then you will be missing out on a large part of the humor and charm within Blood Dragon. In particular the three series I mention above should be required viewing before starting this game. You will thank me later for recommending some quality fist pumping celluloid action as well as turning Blood Dragon into a much bigger experience.

If I can change and you can change......

If I can change and you can change……

I haven’t played Far Cry 3 as yet due to time and brain constraints so when I heard about a smaller and shorter Far Cry game coming out (Once it had been confirmed that it wasn’t an April fools hoax.) I became very interested. I watched all the reviews which gave it a very good average score and once the time came I new I was going to jump in. The time came and I jumped in with both feet all the way up to my neck.
Aside from it containing the best tutorial of all time, the opening is perfect. I wasn’t ready for the different skills available from the start having not played a far cry game but that quickly made way for smooth, confident game play. You feel very powerful as Rex Power Colt from the get go but not too powerful. There are places in which you can stumble and the game brings you down to earth, forcing you to use cover, stealth and even your brain to progress.

You also use your biceps. A lot.

You also use your biceps. A lot.

The guns work sharply and the cross bow you pick up is so satisfying to use that I tried to use it in all situations, rightly or wrongly. The world design is clever. Initially you’ll think everything looks very similar, the 80’s neon against dark back ground filling your vision. In no time you’ll be able to recognise where you are on the map from the scenery and animals. You’ll spend the majority of the game liberating strong holds from your enemies. From this you are given extra missions which I found myself rushing out to complete so that I could pick up the next upgrade for my guns. The collectibles add another addictive element to the game and are handled perfectly. Once you take control of a strong hold you’ll be able to buy discs containing the locations of the collectibles which makes them worth while. You have no idea how many games with collectable trophies have put me off after asking me to find 200 items with no help at all. It’s busy work of the worst kind.

Blood Dragon dislikes your shitty collectibles.

Blood Dragon dislikes your shitty collectibles.

The gains you make from spending countless hours searching rarely make it worth while. Blood Dragon is an example of this handled brilliantly.
The thing that makes Blood Dragon an almost perfect game however is the length. You can finish this at a leisurely pace in 10 hours. When I say finish, I mean 100% complete it. Collectibles and Achievements all completely done.

All the work in the world won't save Canada though.

All the work in the world won’t save Canada though.

It’s so satisfying knowing that it’s reachable from the start. There are no missable achievements from memory but I do suggest that you kill as many Dragons during the story mode as once you’re in free roam mode they are not found as often. You could say that this doesn’t have a huge amount of re playability and I wouldn’t argue. However there are only a few games that I would go back to once I’ve completed them so this isn’t a big deal for me. It costs £10 ish so in my eyes it’s great value. I’m going to look back on Blood Dragon with very positive thoughts and recommend it to everyone I know. You should do the same.

Also once you get to the line “This is so much fun………and sad.” let me know. It’s much funnier once you know the context.

P.S You should also watch Road house. It’s the worst/best film you will ever see.

"You're such an asshole"

“You’re such an asshole”

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