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The game and my plan has changed.

August 12, 2013

I knew coming into this year that at some point a new generation of consoles was going to be released. I knew this not because of some insider knowledge or the ability to see into the future. It was because all the chatter and more importantly, silence, had signposted that a new generation of consoles was about to land. So I set about my task of playing those games I hadn’t finished as I knew that on release day I would be trading in those games and those consoles in order to get the new consoles on the day of release.
If only I could get that much.

My decision was in tact when they announced the new consoles. It was in tact when they announced the day one line up. It was in tact when I put the deposit down. Then Xbox live changed to be more in line with Playstation Plus.
Some will say that the fact that you now have to pay to play online with PS+ is the biggest change and it is PS+ that has fallen in line to stay competitive. That is a valid point. To me however, the included, no extra charge games (As they’re not free, just part of a low priced package) that you get with PS+ made XBL look pretty miserly in comparison.
That’s now changed and the promise of very cheap new games each month for both the PS3 and 360 now makes me rethink my trade in idea.
I’m in no way going to say that the games on offer with the XBOX are in any way comparable with the PS3 catalogue, it’s still a very good start. If you look back to the beginning stages of PS+ the games weren’t fantastic. It wasn’t until the great playstation network crash that a lot of people realised what they could actually get. Giving a free month of PS+ as a “Sorry” from Sony was a brilliant move. As soon as I saw that I could download these games at no extra cost I was sold. I’ve been a member since.
We now live in an age where you can buy a PS3 or 360, buy a yearly subscription and not buy another game. Even with the 360 over the last two months you could have played Tower defense grid, Assassins creed 2. Crackdown and coming soon, Dead rising 2. With a promise of two games a month you could easily just play these games and never put a disk into your 360.
With the PS3 it’s even better. Three or four full games every month, one of which is normally a triple AAA title. The quality isn’t always consistent but it’s a crazy deal. If you’ve got a Playstation Vita then it even better. I haven’t bought a game for my Vita in months and I don’t have enough time to play through all of the games as it is. I remember what it was like getting my SNES when I was 10 years old with its copy of Street Fighter II. One game (I know it was an amazing game), no internet connection to play free games. No downloadable demos. Not even demo disks in magazines as we hadn’t advanced that far yet.. I had to stick with my one game until one day in which I was bored, not of Street Fighter, just bored. I walked up to my Mum to ask if we could go out for lunch or something. She stopped me before I asked and said “Do you want a new game for your Nintendo?”. Never has a sweeter sentence been uttered and I jumped at the chance to get Mario Kart. Compare that situation with what we have now and will have moving into the future.
Currently only Sony have announced that the free games will continue on the PS4. They are not going to be the same games however that you’ll get on the PS3. Microsoft haven’t announced anything yet, but if their run of bad image choices continue then we’re only likely to see free games on the 360.
What this means is that I’m not likely to get rid of my old consoles. I’ve recently had to take apart my 360 due to a build up of dust coupled with a lapsed warranty which has left me feeling even closer to my big, white, noisy 360. Do I want to risk it falling into the hands of some little kid who’ll just use it to play COD and shout at adults who are actually old enough to play it? I’m still going to play through my catalogue of old games that I have shamefully left unfinished. At least now the pressure of having to do so in the space of three months has been lifted.
I realise that I’ve fallen into Sony and Microsoft’s web by buying into their scheme of just downloading games, unable to trade them in and help the evil second hand games industry that’s making it very difficult for them to make even more of a profit. Screw $ony and M$oft. Rage against the machine etc!!!!!

We are living in the best time ever for gaming. If you disagree, put down your big framed glasses with zero prescription lenses, buy some trousers that fit, get a bike with gears and stop being a hipster.
Don’t be THIS guy

If you want to complain about free games then you need a slap. Also, stop being a hipster.

XBL, PSN and Twitter @Urbundave
Ouya Urbandave


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