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July 26, 2013


The long anticipated second part of our epic gaming competition detailing the highs and lows of taking popular games and attempting to smash your friends in them to gain bragging rights, social standing and of course, THE GOLDEN JOYSTICK.

Part one detailed the first three rounds which meant the standings at this stage looked like this

Rob 1st 32 points. 2 Wins
Luke 2nd 25 points. 1 Win
David 3rd 22 points.
Johnny 4th 17 points.
Barry 5th 11 points.
Doug 6th 8 points.

Rob is obviously looking very strong following his two wins out of the three games. His poor showing in the shooting meant that his lead wasn’t as great as it could be. We’ll see how things can change in the final two rounds.

Round 4. Street Fighter X Tekken.
This was my round. It was always going to be my round despite having never played SFXT. While I haven’t played this particular version of the Street fighter brand, I played the holy hell out of almost all of the other Street fighters, especially SF4. I even brought my joystick over for people to use if they wanted to. Obviously the main reason I wanted to bring the joystick over was to gain an even greater advantage over my friends and humbly smash them into the worthless piles of dust they really are.

We were paired up at random, with the winner going through having won two out of three matches. I knew I was going to win, so all I could do was hope that Luke and Rob did as bad as possible to give me the opportunity to make up the points over all.
Please remember that we had been drinking all day at this point so I may be wrong with how this went down.
I faced Barry in the opening round. Barry’s experience with fighting games started and finished with Tekken, which even though this had Tekken in the title, had no similarity to SFXT. I won and progressed.
Luke (Who actually owned the game) faced Johnny and dispatched of him easily. This meant I would face Luke in the Semi’s and Rob and Doug would face in the semi’s due to a pass. Luke and I played and thankfully I didn’t mess up. Taking my place in the final. My attention then shifted to Rob and Doug. I needed Doug to drop Rob out of this competition now to give me a fighting chance over all. In the closest fight of the night in which both players took a match, Doug emerged victorious. This meant that Rob and Luke could only place 3rd and 4th. A small glimmer of hope. I then beat Doug in the final. He never had a chance, I was on a roll by that point and had started to actually figure out how to play the game.

Street fighter X Tekken finished like so

1st David
2nd Doug
3rd Luke
4th Rob
5th Barry
6th Johnny

This changed the over all standings to this

1st Rob
2nd David
3rd Luke
4th Doug
5th Johnny
6th Barry

Then. It happened. Johnny in possibly the worst move possible having committed to 4 hours of gaming competition time, decided that he had other places to be. He left. Before the final round. To be fair he was never going to win, but he still should have stuck it out to the bitter end. We have reminded him of this often.

Despite this very upsetting news we carried on. One final game to play to reveal the first Brain Trust Gaming champion.

Round 5. Halo 4
This had been discussed at length. Do we play Call of Duty or Halo. To find a middle ground we decided to play the most COD like game within Halo. S.W.A.T was the answer and I was very pleased.

Due to the change in player numbers we decided to play one on one games, two machines, two screens sitting next to each other while facing the other direction. Set time limit with most kills winning, Everyone would have to play everyone else once with the two possessing the best record playing in the final.

Given the amount of games, I wont be able to give detailed records of who won and lost. I can say this however. It was about this time of the night that I was possessed by the god of Halo. I was making shots that a mortal should find impossible. Head shots from across the map. Turning on people running up behind me and killing them in a split second. I’ve never played like that and will probably never again. Hurrah for alcohol and energy drinks
Barry and I faced in the final. At this point I hadn’t lost a game. You need to try this way of playing Halo with some friends. I’ve not experienced tension like it before. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with your enemy. Hearing what they’re doing but unable to look around. Barry took the lead in this match. The first time it had happened during the night. The god of Halo wanted something else however and I managed two quick kills. I will admit that I ran away for a bit at the end of the match but I knew that victory was in sight and I wasn’t going to risk it. The round ended and I had won my second game of the night

1st David
2nd Barry
3rd Luke
4th Rob
5th Doug
N/A Johnny
This meant, after some very nervy counting the overall winner was announced.

1st David
2nd Rob
3rd Luke
4th Barry
5th Doug
N/A Johnny

I had won. I was so very proud and I don’t feel that proud often. My Golden joystick is glorious and is currently sitting on my mantle piece.
Doug having finished last received the Penis award which he displays not so proudly in his bedroom window.

So there you have it. An actual recording of a drunken night of gaming that has gone down in legend among my friends and I. If you haven’t done it you need a few things.

Tin of gold spray paint
cheap representations of gaming category

Keep your records for future reference and take photos and videos. I promise you’ll have a great time. We’re adding a classic game category for next time potentially using the speed run model they use in the wizard. 
It may also become a much more regular thing than once a year. We can’t wait that long and they all want my joystick

XBL, PSN and Twitter @Urbundave
IGN and Ouya Urbandave


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