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Back to the Future: The game

June 19, 2013

You have no idea how satisfying it is to say that playing the Back to the Future game is like stepping back in time. God I love accurate wordplay.
Now that I’ve got that out of my system I can explain why I’ve gone back to playing the three year old adventure game by (then) mostly ignored Telltale games.
My youth was spent watching Back to the future a lot. So much so that I absolutely ruined it for my parents in the way that only a child, happy to watch the same film every day for a year can do. I have the trilogy on almost all file forms and probably watch them at least once a year. I could probably recite Back to the future 2 from start to finish without prompting.
Only two years to go

All that to say that I was VERY excited when a Back to the Future game was due for release. Not only that, but the story was to be cannon. This was a continuation of the Back to the Future story. Not only that, Christopher Lloyd was back to voice the doc and the person they brought on to voice Marty sounded incredibly like him. I was still excited when they said it would be a point and click adventure game. It fit the tone of the films and would allow for cut scenes that didn’t break up the game play too much.
Lego really is the BEST

So I downloaded the first episode. The familiar film score hitting and sending good feeling rushing through me. The little sound effects thrown in every so often just added to the effect. I started the game proper and was immediately thrown into a recreation of the opening scene from the first film. I was given the option to repeat the exact script used in the film over some other new lines. My first trophy popped for knowing which lines to choose and I couldn’t have been happier. Then I started to see the gaps. The synching of animation and voice work is as bad as anything I’ve seen in any other game.
Biff is so bloody awful It’s upsetting 

To be honest it’s still bad in the Walking dead games. At this point I’m starting to think that Telltale are keeping the bad synching so that everyone knows it’s them that made the game. I also realised how bad the game presented in general. Clunky animation, low res graphics and shoddy voice acting were putting me off this hopefully cinematic experience. 

I then found myself finding it incredibly hard to get back into the frame of mind a point and click adventure game requires. Clicking on EVERYTHING, using every piece of equipment on EVERYTHING in the off chance you stumble across the game designers designated combination in order to progress. In order to not feel too negative about the experience I gave up. I carried on downloading all of the five episodes when they released, hoping that I would return to finish the story.
That time is now. Having played and completed all of the Walking dead episodes last year I felt the urge to complete the five episodes in front of me to find out what happens to Marty and the Doc. 

I do not foresee this being a smooth process. The Walking dead episodes were excellently put together and the story flowed better than in my small experience of BTTF. BTTF was Telltales first big game and I think they learnt a lot from that. So let’s get in our cars and break the speed limit as we travel all the way back to 2011.

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