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Why I already hate the next generation of gaming.

June 13, 2013

Do you know what I wanted to come out of E3 feeling? I wanted to feel as if both Microsoft could hold their head up high with the next generation of consoles and we could all look forward to a bright future of excellent gaming spurred on by the competition that only two companies at the top of their game could produce.
It hasn’t ended up like that though has it.
This one gets a pass due to the Dark Knight reference

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to playing the next generation of games on both consoles. The stuttering start. Where companies will try to show off what they do without really knowing what is possible, The awkward stage where companies realise what they’re not doing but can’t correct it. The creative middle where everyone knows what is possible and is trying their hardest to get there. Finally the glorious end where the true potential is shown and we really start to see regular masterpieces produced. I’m going to enjoy every bit of that process.
What I’m not looking forward to is hearing anti Microsoft, keyboard warriors flooding every message board of every story for the next ten years with “Microsoft sucks cause I can’t trade in my game.” or “Microsoft only cares about money. Hope you have fun when your net goes down.” or “The Xbone won’t sell a single copy, mark my words” or “Microsoft has taken my rights away from me”. It’s been three days and I’ve had enough. It’s the Red ring of death, again but this time it’s happening before it’s even been released.
I’ve currently got both consoles under pre order and I’m not the only one who’s going to pick up an Xbox One on day of release. I’m not rich. I have a full time job which pays ok but not massively well and has nothing to do with video games so I don’t HAVE to buy them in order to keep up with work. I just want to have both. November is likely to be an expensive month but with careful saving and planning I’ll be able to get both consoles. I’ve seen other people making this statement over the last week attacked for being too rich (I’m really not rich) or accused of being paid by Microsoft to say that (I wish I was getting paid by Microsoft).
Yes it’s going to destroy gaming. Literally destroy all games.

I honestly don’t see the problem with the choices Microsoft are making. I would make it so that you only had the 24 hour online check if you had a gold xbl membership but that’s me. The trade in restrictions which will stop people from trading in the games that they’ve bought second hand won’t effect me as I buy all of my games new. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, if you’re upset about the trade in restrictions then you should blame companies like Gamestop etc for being greedy. If they’d shared some of their profits with games producers then there wouldn’t be a call for this. I also think that the cloud sharing portion of the system will only be fully understood once we get to see it used in an unrestricted environment. Currently some of the explanation makes it sound like your friends and family can play your shared games anywhere on another console without you being there. I could be reading that wrong though
I also have a pretty boring life so if the kinect was recording everything I do then good luck to whoever wants to watch hours of me eating crisps and then clearing the crumbs from said crisps off of my controller.

I’ve seen Microsoft and the Xbox One likened to the Nazi’s over the past week and it just saddens me that I’m part of such an entitled and self important group of people that they liken the option of buying a new piece of hardware with a group of people looking to commit mass genocide.
I think that’s what gets to me the most. When people talk about their rights being taken away from them they show that they don’t understand what a right really is. You are being offered a product. A new product that does many different things. You do not have to buy that product. Nobody is forcing you to accept its terms and conditions. You haven’t been the victim of false advertising. All the negative points are front and center for you to see and you can make a judgment on whether you want it or not. Please don’t pretend you are being victimized as that is a huge insult to people who have actually felt pain and had their rights taken away.
There is a lot more to life than gaming and the quicker some people learn that, that quicker we can all just start to enjoy the amazing few years we have ahead of us

Also KILLER FRICKEN INSTINCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 want this. All of it.

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  1. thegeekyg4mer permalink

    Ouch! I agree with some of your points. Gaming though has got expensive. I don’t think you’re rich cos you can afford to buy both, I am jealous because you can obviously budget better than I can.
    I hold my hand up, because I am one of the many giving off about the pre owned games. I like to try them before I buy them. There are a lot I cannot play due to suffering from motion sickness from most first person shooters, do you have any idea how incredibly annoying it is not to be able to play Bio Shock ffs! lol So I don’t really want to spend £45 to find out it makes me projectile vomit all over the TV screen! lol Will look forward to your opinions on both!

    • I agree it seems expensive. However i know I’m going to use both of these systems almost every day for the next 8-10 years. So at less than £50 a year i think its worth it.
      The motion sickness is not something I’ve heard before (definitely don’t try gravity rush) but like i said the game sharing aspect could help. I’m going to store my profile on fiends machines and let them log in as me while I’m not there to try my games. Plus they’ve mentioned that there will be some policies put in place to allow games rental.
      Not being able to play bioshock is awful. Is it mostly fps you have trouble with?

      • thegeekyg4mer permalink

        Pretty much, first noticed it way back when, trying to play Medal of Honor. Strangely Battlefield 3 wasn’t to bad, even on the multi player. Oblivion was another one, I really wanted to play it, but after more than 15 minutes nausea sets in. Happens with some racing games too. It’s pretty common, most people just don’t like to admit it cos then they are not “Hardcore”. I don’t profess to be hardcore anyway so I’m all good lol

  2. Dude! Killer Instinct!!! I just did a huge write-up about how flippin stoked I am for that game. Also defended the hell out of Double Helix Games, Xbox One, and most importantly AMERICA!!!

    • I actually really like the free to play model. From what I’ve heard
      You can play online against anyone.
      Play the single player
      Everything else in the full game but only with Jago.

      It gives everyone the option of trying it out as fighting games are scary online if you’re not used to it. Also most people only use one or two characters so even if they’re £10 each you’re saving money. If you want everything you can just buy the whole game for one price. I think it’s a model that will encourage a large player base (Granted there will be a LOT of Jago’s) but that’s what a fighting game community needs.
      I think it’s an excellent idea and will definitely copied in the future. I really don’t see a negative.
      I think it’s hilarious that people are trying to say that it looks too much like Street Fighter 4. Given that SF4 is the post played fighting game in the world and the most balanced. It’s like saying “Erghh look at that girl, she looks just like Scarlet Johanson.”

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