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Video game gun trade

May 9, 2013
I saw this video a couple of weeks ago after it was posted on I’d not seen the channel before but I always enjoy finding new people to subscribe to, especially when the content revolves around video games. This video however made me think about the games that I play, and more importantly buy, in a way that may change the way I approach all games in the future.
The main point of the video centers around the fact that most video games based around warfare pride themselves on the realistic representation of the guns and equipment that the player can choose. Apart from the diamond and gold camouflage you can put on a Remington R870s in black ops 2, the gun will look exactly like its real life counterpart. Along with that, Remington would have a say in how the gun behaves in game (Possibly the reason why it was very overpowered when the game first came out).
How bloody heavy would this be?

All of this to say that Trearch would have paid Remington for those likeness rights, so a tiny percentage of the money you pay for your copy of Black ops, Battlefield or Spec ops; The Line goes to arms manufacturers.
Now this was quite a revelation to me. I had not considered this at all. Now while I have no problems with violent video games or even a problem with guns. I’m now having to seriously consider not buying any games in the future that show an accurate representation of guns. I don’t hate guns. In actual fact I think they are an amazing invention. When I have been on holiday in countries where gun laws are more relaxed I have been to a shooting range and fired many types of guns. I’ve also loved it. 
However, while the products they make are cool and incredible feats of engineering, guns manufacturers make money by praying on peoples fears. From the outside you see the effect gun culture has had in America and it disgusts me to see people in very high position of government influenced by the money they make from selling guns and their images. 
Just go and buy it. Be prepared to be depressed!

I don’t buy many realistic war games. The three I mentioned above are the only examples in recent months and I enjoy all of them (Especially the line which is absolutely the most underplayed game of the past 5 years). I will probably make these games the last that I buy with realistic weaponry. I may sound like a massive pinko, vegan, lefty for saying so but there are certain things in this world that I don’t want to be part of and contributing to arms dealers having a bigger hold over the world is not one of them.

Let me know what you think.

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