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Which Bioshock is your favorite.

May 5, 2013

I have played all three in the past month from the start to the finish and you may have noticed that I am a fan. But as a list addicted freak I must rate everything in my life in order of preference. Before I get to that I think I should lay out my feelings about each one individually.
The best twist in video gaming history? The best design of a video game world? The best atmosphere? All of these points could be debated. However, Bioshock is still the highest rated FPS ever and considering the amount of first person shooters we’ve seen this generation, that’s mighty impressive. 
Personally I bought this game years after it was released. I only got my 360 when Street Fighter 4 came out and after my massive addiction to playing online subsided a week in which my then fiancée was away for a week. Obviously I was going to miss her. Obviously I had dozens of hours of free time in which to spend on a game. Which game though? I went to my local Gamestation and spent an intense lunch break trying to find the perfect game. I have been a long time reader of Games Radar and loved their top 7 count downs. Anything to do with best game/story/opening/guns/”special power activated by injecting yourself with adam” story featured Bioshock (It would have been odd if it hadn’t have been in that last one). I picked it up and as soon as I got home from work at about 5. I realised I hadn’t eaten dinner at about 9. I decided that for someone to function at work I needed some sleep at about 1am. The next day I couldn’t think of anything else until I got home and started playing again. I sat and played it through till the finish and it felt like time had stopped in the most extreme way. I got to the end and suddenly my body remembered that food was desperately needed while needing to go to the bathroom more than I ever have in my life. After those needs were met I spent longer than with any other game I’d played going over the events and conversations you hear in the game trying to piece everything together. You do this with good movies and tv shows but apart from Metal Gear games, I hadn’t had this kind of reaction. However whenever I look back on my play through I never think about how the game played. Just how it made me feel and that is a incredible achievement.
Bioshock 2
I was very excited for the second installment of the Bioshock series. I’d only played the first game a few months prior to its release so I was the perfect audience for the sequel. I’d ordered the special edition with it’s vinyl record and other goodies. I still think it’s one of the best limited edition just because of the oddness of owning a musical recording that I can’t listen to.
I was probably even more excited as I was actually on holiday when it was released and while I was enjoying the heat of South Africa in January, part of me wanted to carry on my exploration of Rapture. I literally got my taxi to stop off at my place of work where I’d had the game delivered so I could pick it up and play it as soon as we got home. Bear in mind I’d been awake for about 24 hours at this point, so fueled by airport Krispy Kreme and given the full encouragement by my very understanding wife I settled in to see what wonders this new game would bring.
I loved it. The dual controls worked excellently and really added a different play style to the game. The extended options within the game to adopt a little sister and protect her during a harvest added another level to the story. The more intense moral decisions dotted throughout the game were interesting and while I didn’t agree with how the game wanted you to play some of them I enjoyed the dilemma. The story was not as strong as the first but that could be said of almost all games that have been made and you can tell that the team behind the game were trying to do something different to stop people from looking for a twist. 
Bioshock 2 got many negative reviews and people really lay into it for some reason. A lot of people say it was too similar to the first game, like that’s a bad thing. As soon as I finished the first game I wanted more and Bioshock 2 gave me more using better controls and a new story. Sounds like a brilliant deal to me. 
The multiplayer was enjoyable and actually kept me interested until I’d maxed out my levels for the achievement that came along with it. 
Minerva’s den, the DLC story that came along six months or so after release was EXCELLENT. The story was on a par with the first game but just on a shorter scale and the extra powers and guns kept it interesting. Obviously this was an extra you have to pay for but Bioshock 2 as a whole was probably the better package over the original.
Bioshock: Infinite.
Like most fans, it seemed like an eternity since Infinite was announced that I got to play it. I had actually steered away from most of the build up so that the game would feel more of a surprise and also so that I wouldn’t explode with excitement at the thought of playing a game that I was convinced would bring a story that I would connect with in a similar way the first did. My day at work, only a few weeks ago, dragged on seemingly forever as the songbird statue watched me from the other desk, judging me for not booking the day off of work to play and find out exactly how much of the story the huge flying creature would take up.
I got home and ignored all of the normal household duties in favor of sitting myself in the spare room where I would not be disturbed for the rest of the night. The opening of the game grabbed me and did not let go till the end. Obviously I had to be temporarily let go in order to work but you get the point. I’ve already gone over my thoughts about Infinite recently so I’m not going to repeat myself. All I will say is that there are three announced dlc’s on the way. Most likely story based or at least challenge sections. If they are a similar quality to Minerva’s den then Infinite will easily be the best package of the three.

So which game of the Bioshock trilogy is your favourite? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

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