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“A man has a choice, I chose the impossible.” Andrew Ryan

March 25, 2013

Do you know what I like about Bioshock?

You press start at the beginning and you can start a new game, carry on a previous save or look at the credits. That’s it. No filler, just a tight brilliant game which is pretty much perfect in how its world is created and how you interact with it.
I’m playing through it again as I get ready for Bioshock Infinite. Rarely do I get as excited to play a game as I did to play this through again. Just listening to Andrew Ryan’s voice over during the intro gives me chills and I’m looking forward to experiencing it all again.
“No Gods or Kings. Only Man.”
Andrew Ryan

The opening is brutal and shocking but also incredibly calming. The gentle piece of music as you’re faced with Andrew Ryan’s statue after walking into the lighthouse is equal parts sinister and welcoming.
You’re immediately ushered into a room with The summer wind playing in the background while confronted with a piece of machinery that should not fit in the 1960s, however it does not look out of place.
The atlas statues, the adverts and the presentation shown to you as you descend into Rapture set the scene so perfectly. It’s all so perfectly timed that you feel goosebumps forming. The brilliant writing already forming Ryan to be the best kind of bad guy. The type that actually makes points about the world around you that you agree with while being responsible for huge suffering that you cannot allow.

The city looks incredible as you float past it. The art deco fits in the under water world, looking good enough for you to point out examples but flows so well that nothing jars. The faint sound of somebody panicking due to your plane crash is the only thing that makes you feel something is wrong and then you’re confronted with your first splicer. The murder you witness is in the shadows but it is no less disturbing. It is not over quickly for the unlucky victim and suddenly the calmness of the ocean surrounding you is forgotten.

“Would you kindly pick up that short wave radio?”

The splicer jumps onto your carriage and looks to break in as you watch helplessly. Not armed and unable to defend yourself you wait it out until something gets rid of the attacking splicer. Suddenly you hear the small radio in the pod come to life, the Irish accent of Atlas promising to help. Immediately asking you to trust him you have no option but to leave your tiny floating transport and follow his directions. Walking out into a huge hallway the floor to ceiling blind drop revealing the scale of Rapture. The sound of whales in the back ground calling out to each other while you watch through glass in your underwater city. You quickly run into the attacker from before as he jumps out at you from the darkness. Whispering threats to you before being chased away by hovering sentry guns. Their playful alert whistle only drowned out by the machine gun hidden under their blades.
You’re shown how to control your character and given a weapon. A wrench. Almost immediately the wrench is needed to dispatch your first enemy. A crazed man attacking you for no reason, he jumps around the corner and starts swinging. You don’t question your response. You swing back and thankfully he goes down. You’re given the option to search the body of the attacker and find some supplies, one of which looks like a syringe. You happily take the items quickly. As soon as you move on you hear a small girls voice talking about how smart and strong her daddy is, it sounds more like an advert and once you climb a short set of stairs you’re presented with a vending machine and a glowing item. You’re offered the item called Electro Bolt you pick it up and the game takes over. Showing your character injecting himself with the red liquid. You shout in pain as an electric charge surges through your arms and hands, your body spasming as Atlas tries to calm you through the radio. He tells you that your genetic makeup is being altered and the pain will pass. His gentle Irish accent offering no consolations. You fall back down the stairs you climbed up and pass out. Two voice wake you up. Their appearance matching their distorted voices as they discuss whether to rob your lifeless body. They run away at the sound of a distant roar taunting you as the go. The roar wakes you up again as a huge monster appears wearing what seems to be a diving outfit. His groan and heavy feet contrast with a small girls voice. She appears Skin pale and pink dress filthy as she talks to the monster, mentioning how you will be an angel soon. You finally come to, Atlas telling you that what you feel is normal, and while you may feel bad there’s nothing like a fistful of lightning.
You notice a faulty door blocking your way. You point your hand, pulsating with electricity, and shoot. The door flies open and you begin your journey into Rapture.


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