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March 15, 2013

The year was 2001. I was in a bloody awful relationship with the first girl I’d ever lived with. You know the myth that all girls are crazy. This girl was the cause of that rumor. I played her a song by the Bloodhound gang once and she thought this was my subtle way of breaking up with her.
Not even this attractive

Luckily I’d taken my Playstation slim with me to our new flat. I didn’t have very much money at the time so buying new games meant trawling through the charity shops for cut price games due to the charity shop having no idea of their value. I managed to pick up a few bargains including Gran Turismo, Marvel vs Capcom and most importantly Metal Gear Solid. Back in the early 2000’s people got most of their gaming information from print media and I had seen MGS in many articles. I had gathered that it was a good game but I hadn’t seen anything to draw my attention. For this I’m very grateful. If I’d have bought MGS sooner then it wouldn’t have given me the sweet release that I needed from the aforementioned psycho girlfriend.
This was the first sneak em up that I’d played and it was also the best story I’d experienced by a huge margin. There was a huge learning curve at the beginning. Learning to use line of sight, using sound to your advantage and to be patient instead of running all guns blazing took a good long while. Learning that I didn’t have to shoot every bad guy in your vicinity wasn’t something I’d come across. The sense of humor the game had while breaking the 4th wall. The confusion I felt when posed with a challenge that not only caused me to adapt in game but also in my living room. Then I came up against probably the best boss battles in video games. All of them seem impossible to beat but if you know the trick to them you can take them down easily. It’s that type of game design that I love. Video games should be challenging but if you’re fast or clever enough you should be able to deal with every challenge and beat every enemy first time around. Metal gear never felt cheap. The torture stage with Ocelot really got to me a couple of times as I couldn’t mash my buttons hard enough. The sniper battle in the snow made me fall in love with long range combat. The best of all that has been spoken and written about over and over is Psycho Mantis.
If you haven’t played this boss battle you need to find a way to do so. The way to defeat him is so incredibly clever that I don’t want to ruin it here. It is still the best example of a games designer not only using the game but also the players awareness of the world around him. This game kept me sane and occupied while sharing a small flat with someone with seemingly no soul and less sense of humor. It’s incredible how easy it is to ignore harpy like screaming with Snakes dulcet tones flowing through your 15” TV and its small mono speaker.
The reason for all of this Metal Gear love is that the Metal Gear HD collection was just released on the PS Vita as part of the PS+ scheme. You get both MGS 2 sons of Liberty and MGS 3 Snake eater for nothing. It’s an amazing deal that has only one flaw. WHY DID THEY NOT REMAKE MGS1??????? I actually prefer Snake Eater myself but the completionist in me needs the whole series in HD.
I hope they are planning something grand with it and plan a re release in conjunction with the next MGS game due out on the Playstation 4. I’ve had Metal gear solid in my draw at home ready to play for a long time. A bought it and then heard that HD remakes were in the pipeline of the previous games. I put on hold MGS4 with the plan of playing all of the games in a row once they’d all been re released. While it didn’t turn out as planned I’m still going to carry on and play the games in order. It will not only give me a much easier time with the story as Kojima has a tendency to go absolutely crazy with this aspect, but also see how the series progressed. I won’t be playing MGS solidly for the next month for those of you who aren’t fans. 

Yep. I’m getting the waste of money edition. I can’t help it, I need that songbird

I will also be doing my best to complete Bioshock and Bioshock 2 again prior to infinite being released in a couple of weeks. If you aren’t a fan of the Bioshock series or MGS series then you either need to, One, go and play them, or Two, reevaluate what you look for in games because both of these series are up with all other video games that have ever been released and for my money are in the top five. I’m actually struggling to think of other series that are better in terms of game play, story and impact that they had on gaming in general.
By the way I had started Gravity Rush in the gap between games and it is really very good. I feel a little bad that it is being pushed to the back of the line by snake but I will definitely be back to finish it whenever I have a chance. It’s still free on PS+ so just take my word for it and get it now.

Now back to NOT getting annoyed about Raiden being the main character in MGS 2. I seriously think I’m the only person alive who didn’t get pissed about that decision.

Say hello on Twitter, XBL and PSN @Urbundave and let me know which Metal Gear is your favourite. Please don’t ruin MGS4 though as I have managed to keep myself spoiler free for when I eventually play it.


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