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Playstation Vita first impressions

March 8, 2013

So the first few hurdles have been vaulted since my hand held console journey began and I have a few things to say.

The interface is incredibly smooth with the Vita. Either downloading through your PS3 or directly onto the Vita via a wifi connection, the experience is a relaxed one. Oddly enough the novelty of downloading something onto the Vita, takes away any frustrations I normally have with the Sony experience. Seeing the newly downloaded game pop up onto your screen is always a joy. Navigating through the various menus using the touch control is very quick and will be instantly familiar to anyone with a touch screen phone.

I’ve been told that if you buy a second hand machine that it’s best to completely reset your machine from the start as it can only hold one psn account at one time so even if you were lucky enough to get away with the machine containing a free game you won’t be able to download any more until you enter your psn details.

The Social apps that I’ve downloaded all work very well. Youtube subscriptions are listed in the same way that they are listed on Youtube which is a god send if you are an active youtube viewer and have dozens of subscriptions to channels and only want to see the videos that have just been released. Facebook and Twitter also work excellently.
Now the games. So far I’ve played Wipeout, Urban trial freestyle, Gravity rush, Tekken and Jet Set Radio. The list is not in a random order. While I’ve played varying amounts of each game and my opinion could change, Wipeout is excellent, while Jet Set Radio made me wonder why everyone used to say it was a brilliant game.
I didn’t have a Dreamcast. I’m aware that I should be stoned to death (Doesn’t sound a bad way to go to be honest) for my sins against video gaming, but I don’t get why the games trumpeted by the video game elite that came from the Dreamcast are held in such high regard. I’ve played many of them since and apart from Marvel vs Capcom 2 I haven’t been impressed.
All that to say that Jet Set Radio mostly annoyed the hell out of me. The controls seemed too sensitive in parts while non responsive in others. The camera is going to cause me to have a stroke and the characters float one second while barely moving a minute later.
Tekken 6. I was playing this mostly on the plane and given that this is a psp conversion means that the online componant when connected to the internet is as populated as Chernoble when no Modern Warfare fans are about. The only real complaint about the game is how cheap the com controlled characters are. Looks like you’re going to win does it? The vita has decided that you will not win this time by just ignoring your attacks and using hit strings that last an entire round. Got to the final boss have you? Not lost a match so far? The Vita has decided that you will not win until your win percentage has dropped below at least 50%. What’s that? A game based on hand to hand combat with an emphasis on reactions? Have a final boss that shoots shit at you, uses full screen unblockable attacks and is basically impossible to hit with a combo. Other than that it’s fun.
Gravity Rush. I knew nothing about Gravity Rush when I started playing it. I did not expect it to be an absolute delight. It’s so bloody charming and Kat (The main character) may be a video game character with a likable personality. I’ve only played a few of the missions but this could be my favourite game by the end of my holiday.
Urban Trial. I got this because I love Trials HD on the XBOX and this is Trials HD just on a sony machine. There are a few changes but not many. There are challenges and time trials instead of just finishing each track with as few mistakes in the quickest time. The bikes feel different but it is a different game after all. The constant update of trick scores during a course run is impressive and gives the game a momentum of its own. It does feel very like Trials HD but why that would ever be a bad thing I don’t know.
Wipeout. It’s so well put together that it’s almost hard to make an interesting point about it. Nothing annoys me in the whole. Sometimes a track or race is tricky but you never feel like you’re being cheated. When you win a race it feels earned. When you lose a race near to the end you don’t feel cheated. I compared it to Mario Kart before and some felt that wasn’t fair. I think they are almost the same game with a different style. Races around tight courses with weapons and boosts with fast action packed races that challenges your driving skill and tactics. The difference is that each car plays and drives differently. There is no bullshit blue shell designed to make rubbish players feel better. No rubber banding meaning that even if you race a perfect race there will always be someone just behind you. Or if you’re doing badly you can always catch the com characters. If you drive well you win, if you drive badly you lose. The worst part about this game is that I’m pretty sure the studio responsible for this perfect hand held game has gone out of business. If you have a Vita then you need to play this game.


I will now head back to my Vita as it’s probably charged now. The battery does last a decent amount of time by the way. I’ve not had any experiences so far of feeling short changed (Or should that be charged?) by the battery life. I promise that I’m not working for Sony. Just ask my friends about how much I’ve ranted at my ps3. My relationship to my Vita is similar to how I would feel towards my annoying friends clever and gorgeous sister. You just really put up with the friend as it makes your relationship to her that much easier.*

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*Really Really not based on real life. I really do like my wife’s brothers…….. honest.


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