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Augmented reality training failed

January 31, 2013


How many times did I hear that in a row? How many times did you hear it when you played through Batman Arkham City? I heard it a lot of times through my play through and felt that familiar burning sensation in my head where my game rage and naughty words are stored but that minor annoyance of failing one of it’s side quests over and over did not stop me playing through Batman in hardly any time at all. I say “through”, as after checking the percentage of the game I’d completed it showed I still had 45% of the game left to play. While that is no where near finished the story is still an enthralling experience that really does flow incredibly well despite being an open world game which can falter in this regard. As I mentioned in the first blog the characterization is impeccable throughout. The design of the characters, the voice acting and the story are brilliant. The additions to the gadgets that Batman serve as the reason for so many puzzles that actually had me scratching my head for a way to progress. The story really is very good. It feels hectic and it moves on at quite a pace. Possibly too much of one as I made my way through the story and forgot to do most of the side missions at the same time. The story pulled me in and held me until the end which , while not being a cliff hanger leaves you intrigued in how it will lead into the next Arkham entry.
If Adam west looked like that we’d all still be watching that show

You know it’s actually much harder writing something interesting about a game that you really enjoy that wasn’t really hard to finish. I can see my demeanor changing when I try to get all of the medals in the combat, predator and campaign challenges. There will be swear words, oh yes there will be swear words.
Speaking of swear words I saw Django Unchained this week and I was very cautious when I sat down in the cinema. I am a big Tarentino fan and his are probably the only films that I will always watch at the cinema and I have done since I’ve been old enough to. This time however I was not as excited due to the reviews and hullabaloo. I was actually feeling nervous that this film maker who had so consistently wowed me in the past was going to annoy me due to an apparent inability to control himself and his script.
Thankfully the headlines did not describe the film that I experienced. After the first scene I was hooked and I knew I was going to love every minute. The way Tarentino writes is so intricate and different from almost all other film makers that you really feel like it needs to be savored . The action is so over the top with effects both visual and aural that you can’t help but smile at the tinyest of things. It’s like the film version of a gourmet Big Kahuna burger. Tasty, complex and filling.

On the matter of the over used word in question I actually didn’t think it got used too much. Maybe because I had been led to believe it would be used in every other sentence as if all the characters had been inflicted with the same type of tourettes. However speaking as a white, middle class man from England, I’m as far away from commenting on the complexity’s of slavery, racial slurs and the effect it still has on black culture the world over, as any person can be. I’ll just stick with Stan Marsh’s tactic from South Park and just say that I don’t get it and never will. I do think you should watch Django however. The acting is excellent in particular Di Caprio and of course Jamie Fox. To my mind Django is as much a super hero origin story as anything licensed by Marvel or DC and they would do very well to produce something as interesting with their up coming franchises.

By the way if you can get hold of the now banned action figures and are willing to sell please let me know.  


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