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Batman: Arkham City

January 25, 2013

Because, Harley Quinn

Batman: Arkaham City. Why has it taken me so long to get around to playing this game? I actually have no idea. I had exactly the same experience with Arkham Asylum when it came out. I’m a huge batman fan. I read the comic books, own all of the films and I’ve never seen Batman and Robin. Yet when Arkham Asylum came out I didn’t pick it up on release day. Probably because I was skeptical that a good Batman game could be made. Then the reviews came out, and they were all excellent and I still didn’t buy it. When I look back I recall being waist deep in a Street Fighter 4 obsession that at points made my wife (Then fiancé) reconsider who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I’d been a Street fighter fan on the SNES and SF4 gave me the same feeling. Other games found it very hard during that period to break through Gouken’s counter attack on their way to my heart. It wasn’t until a year later that I picked Batman up and it didn’t get put down again. I thought it would be good considering the reviews I’d seen and in my world it was even better. It’s one of the few games I own that I completed 100% and got all of the achievements for despite the perfect combo achievement almost causing me to destroy all of the controllers in the world, past, present and future.

So I was obviously excited when news and video clips of the new game emerged in 2011. I read all the articles, watched all the videos and groaned when I saw a similar perfect combo achievement on the achievement list. Did I buy it on release? No. I have no idea why. In actual fact it’s worse because I was given a free copy by a friend who’d been sent two from Amazon by mistake. I saw the reviews and they were excellent again. I even started it and played about half an hour before putting it down and not picking up for about a year.

How stupid could one man be? Very stupid it seems, as I’ve started playing it again and predictably it’s amazing. I felt more of a push to play it seeing as it was one of the games to download as part of the PS+ membership and was talking to me in a voice not dissimilar to the voice an opened tin of biscuits uses.
Hopefully this one wouldn’t talk to me like Christian Bale

Another reason to play it was because how meh Alien vs Predator was. I needed something exciting and engaging to pull me back into gaming. The last couple of weeks game me no inspiration to play as other than completing AVP there was no pleasure. Arkham City however is very different.

So far I’m finding it difficult to come up with a negative to report. As with the first game the voice acting is superb. Kevin Conroy who is THE Batman for many fans even when compared with the actors of the live action films is as always excellent. The attention to detail is remarkable and I haven’t even started hunting the Riddler trophies yet which is where most of the fan service is contained.
I think my last point is why I love the Arkham games so much. The license involved is treated with such care and passion that you completely believe in the world. The Riddler challenges I’ve stumbled over are very tricky and you could believe a game playing psycho planting these and being excited to see whether Batman can solve them or not.  This is the difference between the Arkham games and almost every other licensed game out there. I could go on but I need to go any play this some more. It may take me some time.
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