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Game over man. Game over.

January 21, 2013

I experienced two things over the course of the weekend that thankfully I can chalk up to life experiences and never do again.
Firstly my friends and I visited a local burger focused restaurant and attempted their Man vs Food challenge. This involved eating a burger filled with four chicken breasts all coated with what only can be described as a briefly tasty, insanely hot but ultimately evil marinade. We were challenged with finishing the burger plus two portions of fries coated in paprika and chili powder in 15 minutes to get the meal for free and our name on the leader board.

It actually looks more appetizing now that i’m hungry again. 

None of our party got close. I cried through the entire of the two and ½ burgers I did eat and apparently looked like I was going to have a heart attack. While we did not get a t-shirt from our incredible eating exploits we were able to leave with some left overs and less belief in ourselves.

We also may have left with some pain

Secondly I completed the last portion of Alien vs Predator and swiftly turned the game off as I had no reason to linger or even attempt to get more out of the game after the final achievement had popped. It left me with a feeling of complete emptiness and a sadness that it could have been something special. For a subject matter with such depth and a fan base so wide it not only could have been better, it should.
I realized during my Alien play through that there was so little atmosphere or tension in comparison to the Marine story. I rarely felt like I needed to use the dark to my advantage as most of the enemies are humans and rarely were they in groups. I died occasionally but not enough to warrant me adjusting my play style at all.
I read back over my thoughts during the Marine section and the overriding emotion was fear. You feel outnumbered all the time and the sound design was great. It seemed the same care was not put into the non human story’s. There were semi puzzles thrown into the non human sections but they weren’t challenging and seemed out of place. If you are trying to show a deeper intelligence than expected in the Alien and Predator character (Even though it’s the players intelligence) then try a little harder than tasking us with finding blocks to stand on in a certain order.
The story line didn’t improve or cross over as I’d hoped. I can’t see how it wouldn’t have been better for all characters to converge at the end and depending on the story you’re playing you see a different outcome.
This may sound as if I’m being a bit harsh on a game that wasn’t bad to play, but the potential was there and it was squandered. It gives me a feeling similar to that of the Expendables films. All the ingredients, used in the wrong quantities, mixed in the wrong order, cooked for too long.
Calling JCVD Johnny Villain was the exception

If you’re a great fan of the license there are some high points but if you can find a play through on Youtube you will save yourself some time.
I’m not sure if this counts as a review or if that’s what this blog is about but i’ll some up my feelings about each game with a picture I feel best explains my mood.
The disappointment of this predator game play through has led me to chose another, less violent, yet equally effective predator game to play well after it’s year of release. I’ve got a much better feeling about this one.

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