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January 19, 2013


The first bump in the road of this pledge to only play games I’ve owned and not completed is that new really good games are already coming out that I’ve become interested in. I had already planned on buying Bioshock Infinite due to the Bioshock games being my favourite games of this generation. I’d planned on playing the first two games in the lead up to the new game and writing about it with a review of infinite to finish with.

That was the plan with the rest of my time spent not buying any more games. However already we’ve had the new Devil May Cry game which looks and sounds like it would be a massive amount of fun despite people crying that it looks different (Cause as we know gamers never complain about things looking or playing in a similar way to the previous title).
 think it looks pretty good. Just me? ok.

Today I saw a review of a game that caught me completely off guard and looks so beautiful that even though I don’t normally play that type of game I am so very very tempted to get it.
Actual in game screens.

Ni no Kuni Looks like a cartoon. Not a crappy cartoon. Like an actual cartoon being drawn out in real time. I’d seen the review in my youtube subscription box for a few days and assumed it was a review of a new anime film. It’s an RPG but for some reason that doesn’t bother me like it normally does. It doesn’t bother me that it would take more than 40 hours to complete. I might also be able to play it with my wife given the story and visuals which is always a lot more fun than it sounds to people who haven’t experienced it. We’ll see in the next week or so if I can hold off. You however should look at some reviews and be amazed at what video games can do in this day and ageOn a note related to the actual point of the Blog I completed the Predator section of AVP last night. It seemed shorted than the Marine section but that could be due familiar levels you use again. It left me feeling better than I did in my previous post. You collect more weapons as you go and get more abilities. The problem with these new abilities and weapons is that they give you no reason to use anything you’ve used previously. The shoulder cannon is pointless as it seems to do little damage and is tricky against a moving target. The mines are slow and seemingly very weak


How you feel sometimes during this game

Once you pick up the one shot combi-stick you need not use anything else. The smart disc is fun but not practical.

The other annoyance is that most of the campaign you’ll spend watching overly long animations of you killing an Alien or a soldier. You’ll seemingly be all alone with an enemy, Sneak up on them to kill them with a grab which takes 5 seconds. Only to find that half way in you’re being attacked by other enemies that have sprung from no where and you’ve got no way to defend yourself.  This is also not a stealthy way of killing an enemy. For a class that would rely on being hidden you would think they would offer a quick, silent way of dispatching the enemy before then hiding yourself away again. This isn’t the case at all. There are sections similar to Batman Arkham Asylum where you are tasked with clearing a room of guards before moving on. There is no benefit to staying hidden and acting like say a Predator at all.

So far there has also been no cross over in story other than some levels show the result of another character being there before you. It just seems like a missed trick and there was an opportunity for the story to be much better. We’ll see how the Alien campaign ties everything up. I’m not holding out much hope of an amazing result other than boosting my gamer score.



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  1. There are a lot of good titles slated for 2013. I’m like you: I have a backlog of games to complete, but am extremely tempted to get my hands on these new titles, like Ni no Kuni and Bioshock Infinite. Nice piece!

    • Thank you. I’m just scrabbling around in the dark with these at the moment so any compliments mean a lot. They keep on announcing these amazing games. There are so many that I won’t have even heard of yet. All this before the new generation of consoles get announced by the end of the year. I think this would most definitely be described as a first world problem.

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