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One shot xeno killing machine

January 18, 2013


I completed the Marine section of AVP last night. Life kind of got in the way of extensive playing time unfortunately so I am a bit behind so far. I will say this though. The marine section of the game is decent. The game play feels good the whole way through. The guns feel powerful. Sometimes too powerful as you’ll got for very large sections of the game without any problems at all and feel invincible as the aim assist kicks your sniper rifle into a one shot a Xeno killing machine. Mostly though, it’s the atmosphere created that is the star of the game. You always feel like you’re about to be killed by something you can’t see. Even though as soon as you see the thing you’re scared of it’s pretty easy to kill it off. A nice little lesson for life really. Unless you’re scared of clowns, don’t kill any clowns. The one downside with the atmosphere and design of the game is that it’s so bloody dark. I realise this is a mechanic used to make us unsure of where the aliens are but I still felt that I needed to boot up Journey afterwards and stare at the brilliant scenery to improve my mood somewhat.

It’s so beautiful my soul is crying

I’ll also say the encounter with the predator is a little underwhelming but other than that I felt satisfied with that part of the game.

I am only a third of the way through the story mode so far and things could turn nasty quickly. I’ve moved onto the Predator story now and so far it’s annoying how weak he feels. I would guess that most people who bought this game wanted to play as the Predator. In the films and comic books they are always absolute bad asses (even though Danny Glover was able to take out the second one). So far I actually feel at more of a disadvantage against the Aliens than the Marine. His weapons seem less powerful, The movements are faster but not as graceful. It feels as if the makers have made him weaker to balance out the game to keep it from being too easy. For me though that goes against the Predator character I was expecting. I want to feel like a god walking through the game when using the Predator. Let’s see if thatchanges further through the game.

 On a lighter note I just found this picture of an AVP chess board that will become the next thing I have to have in my life. Just please don’t cost £5000 like the Batman one I saw recently.

More soon



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