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January 11, 2013

You know when you look back at things you’ve said and realise you were wrong. Like REALLY wrong. It’s not often that the time frame is two days and your original statement has been released to the public for all the world to see. While that might happen more for Rebecca Brooks or Mitt Romney, it doesn’t for me.

I started Aliens vs Predator last night with the first chapter of each story (Marine, Alien and Predator) and it is MUCH better than I remember. This may be in part to the excellent soundtrack as whether it’s the blip of the marines motion sensor, the screech of the Alien or the angry Dolphin click of the Predator it creates a great atmosphere constantly. If you’ve got surround sound or good headphones then this would be a great game to show them off.

The graphics aren’t amazing but they don’t look dated and everyone looks like their film counterpart. So far the missions seem well thought out. This could all change of course but things are looking up.

The best section is by far the Marine introduction. Possibly because it feels the most familiar being that you’re a nameless guy shooting a gun and moving like a human ala any FPS. Mostly it’s how scared you get. You really feel like the Aliens could show up any time and kill you all thanks to the motion sensor constantly going off. I haven’t had any trouble progressing so far and it does feel a little easy in comparison to how tense I feel playing but again that could change.

I had a quick look in Game (UK Gamestop) today and saw that you can pick up a second hand copy of this for £5 at the moment. Given how well it’s doing at the moment and how much gamer score I’ve racked up in just over an hour I’d spend the fiver just for the achievement boost.


Lot’s more soon.



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