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Super Meat Boy

January 2, 2013

The first game I thought I should make sure I complete is a bit of a cheat as I only bought it just before Christmas this year. However I thought it would be a little stupid to purposely ignore this game and put it to the back of the pile of games I haven’t completed, when I could just get it completed.
Then I remembered why i’d put it down for the last week or so. It’s hard as balls!

Super Meat Boy is a downloadable platformer game that was brought out in November 2010. I remember at the time seeing reviews of the game. Every single one was heaping praise onto the game. I barely saw a negative at all other than it was hard. I can only think that the reason I didn’t buy it was due to my valuable play time being taken up by other bigger games. 
The only reason my interest was piqued recently was due to a documentary recently released on Netflix called Indie Game: The movie
If you have Netflix then you should watch it as it shows the amount of work people have to put in to create games in the market today. A lot of the film shows the two man team behind the amazing and rage inducing Super Meat Boy. It took two men two years of working 80 a week to make this game and the passion that they both showed and the pure effort it required made me buy the game as soon as the credits had finished. Part of me wishes that I hadn’t. 
It is a cruel, harsh, mean and brilliantly made game. The premise is simple. You play as Meat Boy. He’s called that because he has no skin (Obviously). Your girlfriend (Bandage girl) has been kidnapped by Dr Fetus.
 to R Meat boy, Bandage girl, Dr Fetus

There is actually more reason behind the characters explained in one of the interviews during the Indie game film which is actually very sweet (Seriously go and watch it. I’ll wait). Your job as Meat boy is to rescue Bandage girl in every stage. you can run and jump and leap from platform to platform to get to her. Every time she is taken at the last second by Dr Fetus. So far, so Mario but meat boy will die should you touch anything spiky, hot, salty, lasery, bullety, screaming demony and there are a lot of all of these. It may sound frustrating but that is the pull. The game teases you in, teaching you the entire time without being obvious. It will then punish you for not being absolutely perfect over and over and over and over. However the joy you feel for actually beating a level is tremendous. The feeling of thinking you’ve completed the game to only be shown a new world with harder levels is not. I was sitting in my front room on my own, on the edge of my seat face palming myself one second and fist pumping the air the next. To show a slightly over the top example of a reaction to the game, here’s a picture I found on google images
That is a TV smashed by someone playing super meat boy. So if you have rage issues or even hyperactive sweat glands you may not want to play this. However If you want to see the finest platform challenge in recent memory then you should buy it now. If you beat it before me feel free to brag.

Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you what the end is like soon and also what the next game will be. I’m also finishing my books at the moment, starting with Bradley Wiggins book. If I talk about that a lot next time and not mention games it may be that Super meat boy has made me sacrifice my xbox. I’ll let you know.


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  1. I just started playing Super Meat Boy last week and I love it. It’s so simple, yet so challenging. Plus I’m pretty much a platforming fiend.

    • I’m really not a platform gamer outside of the XBLA crowd like Limbo, Braid etc. Even Mario never really took a hold of me. It just feels so sharply made though. You never feel cheated. Other games you think bugs sometimes cause you to die but it makes is so much more pleasing to play when everything works perfectly.

      • You have to respect well-executed simplicity. Too many games nowadays feel as though they have to fill the game with every feature ever for it to retain it’s value. Most of the time this just makes for a bloated game with no real identity.

  2. Absolutely. I’m not sure why so many games add multi player. I played spec ops the line earlier in the year and the story was incredible. The multi player was pointless. Competing with other games with much bigger fan bases when they should just play on how good the campaign was. I believe meat boy took out their multi player element to concentrate on the single player and it shows.

  3. Haven’t tried this, but sounds interesting! I do love fiendishly hard platformers. I also totally agree with you, there does seem to be a tendency these days to throw in multiplayer just because and it hardly ever actually adds anything to the game.

    • I am going to have to spend a day trying to beat the last two levels at some point but I don’t think i’m psychologically ready yet. It is an amazing game though

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