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So here goes….

January 1, 2013

A while ago I saw a post on a website designed for those who play video games to create posts about their experiences. Most are good humored, some are designed to upset people and start a row in the comments. One post has stayed with me.

“If you spent your time trying to get real achievements”

“You’d have real gold coins to play with”
This is a comment on the practice of playing video games for digital achievements. These are points allocated for playing through a games story mode, getting a certain score or playing the game in a particular way. The points accumulate and give an approximation of how good the player is or how many games they have played. They add an extra layer of attraction to games and increase the amount of time you’re willing to play.

Now back to the post I read. It annoyed me for three reasons

  1. It was either designed specifically to cause an argument within the comment section on the website. Trolling in one of it’s less subtle examples.  
  2. It was submitted by someone who did not like video games and thought they were beneath them and the success they’d obviously accomplished. 
  3. It was completely true

It’s taken me a while to be honest with myself and ask myself the question. If i’d spent all the hours over three decades on something like more qualifications, would I be happier?
I don’t think I would be. However using my time spent on video games to inspire another part of my life may at least make me feel a bit better about my often maligned hobby. 
That is where this blog comes in. I have managed over the last few years to amass quite a collection of games, a large portion of which I haven’t completed for one reason or another. I am not alone in this. Only 10% of all gamers complete the games that they purchase. That means that only 10% of the video gaming buying public are actually experiencing all of the joy that comes from each game they purchase, As part of that figure I feel that should be changed. It will also be interesting looking back at the games that have come out years ago, designed with a different audience in mind, a different social climate. It’s also going to give me a friendly outlet to try and write something for a change instead of talking about it (More on that another day)

I know some of you may not play video games or have a completely different view on them as me, (The press’s view on games is also something else for another day) but i’ll try and keep it as entertaining as possible. Also the amount of books I’ve bought and not read also need to be tackled. 

On a personal note the thought of people being able to judge my work does scare me a little so if you could keep the comments friendly for at least the first day that would be nice. 

Here’s to spending my time a bit more pro actively.

Oh and here’s a picture of a cat. We are on the internet after all


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